Providing Psychological Services to skilled nursing Facilities across New York State.

Psychologists are mental health  specialists. These doctors take the time to work with the patient to explore and address emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal issues that may be contributing to psychological distress or poor health outcomes.

The most prevalent disorders treated by psychologists in skilled nursing facilities are mood disorders, adjustment reactions, and behavioral problems. Collaborating with a psychologist can also improve treatment adherence, reduce risk factors associated with obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.


A fighting Chance

Psychological Services

Individualized mental health care and personalized treatment from a  Clinical Psychologist is standard practice in metropolitan communities. However, many New York State residents are overlooked and underserved due to the geographic challenges associated with rual settings. Healthy Connections Psychological Services now gives all New Yorkers a fighting chance to receive the  quality of care they deserve!

Psychological Care

Healthy Connections Psychological Services, PLLC  leverages secure, live video-conferencing to provide high-quality psychological services to residents of skilled nursing facilities across New York State.

Psychological services include Psychological Assessment, Individual Psychotherapy, Psychological Consultation, Psychological Supervision, as well as Psychoeducation and Training.